March 19, 2008

Pallet Bed

Did I mention that I have a mattress now? A real, steady, firm bed? With springs inside? That doesn't have little earthquakes every time G. turns around in his sleep? When we first got back we were sleeping on an inflatable mattress, though it isn't bad for a couple of days, after those first few days your back starts complaining and you wake up with neck pain. Or I do because I am a little old lady with creaky joints and bleary eyes.

We didn't buy a mattress immediately because a good mattress is hard to find. A good mattress that doesn't cost your weight in gold is even harder. So we'd go to a store and bounce around on mattress', feel it with our hands, bicker about the price, and finally after a week and a half of searching we found the one. Its perfect and it was perfectly priced and although it should be a full sized bed, it may be a bit bigger than that, but not quite as large as a queen. I guess the sizes here are different or something as the sheets we brought from home do not fit at all. Luckily we bought Chilean sheets last year. Chilean sheets, so funny.

The other reason why we didn't buy a bed immediately was because we didn't want to buy the whole mattress-box spring-caboodle, as we were looking to save some money. So I, the diligent Internet stalker, started doing some research on the Internet about possibly making our own platform bed, but seeing as we do not have any tools (besides a hammer and nails) it would be kind of impossible. I then stumbled upon a comment that mentioned how they used pallets and a piece of plywood and it made for a very steady bed frame and the light bulb went on and I told G. about it and we hopped to it. We bought the pallets at a huge department store for $7 dollars for two, bought a piece of plywood (that ended up being way too long for said pallets and we ended up not using so if anyone wants to buy a half inch thick piece of wood, well hey I have one) and were ready to go. The pallets have been really great so far. Low to the ground, but not too low that my knees ache (I really am a little old lady). Kind of modern rustic looking, though you can't see the wood very much.

My next big impossible goal is to make my own bed headboard using the plywood we bought. This creative lady gave me the idea (I can't claim it for my own) and here is a link if you want to make your own headboard. Again, I don't have the proper tools, but maybe I can borrow them from a certain friend. I already borrowed his power drill, maybe he won't mind if I also borrow an electric saw, heavy duty stapler, and the drill.